Part of owning a swimming pool is getting together with family and friends to make memories and strengthen relationships, the other part of pool ownership is making sure that the pool is clean and presentable for these events.

Bioguard Products are tested and proven to be effective in maintaining the highest quality pool and spa water possible. Bioguard’s products are know for delivering reliable results while also making water chemistry and pool care less complicated.


Basic Water Chemistry Overview
  • AlkalinityAlkalinity is like a big brother to pH, keeping alkalinity at a balanced level will ensure that the pH is a stabilized as possible will reduce the amount of balancer chemicals needed to calibrate and control pH.
  • pH – Measures how acidic or base the water is. Ideally the pH in the water should be between 7.4 and 7.6. You can measure the pH level in you water by using a test strip or test kit that is capable of measuring pH, Bioguard’s 4-way test strips are a good option.
  • Sanitizer (i.e. chlorine/ Bromine) – Sanitation is the process of controlling the presence of algae and bacteria growth in a body of water. This is an important process in ensuring that the water is in a healthy and clean condition for the swimmers enjoyment.
  • Calcium HardnessThe total a amount of dissolved calcium in the body of water is referred to as Calcium Hardness. Calcium is important in a body of water because if it is not controlled it can become scale forming and cause damage to equipment.
  • Shock TreatmentRegardless to which sanitizer is used to keep the body of water clean and free from disinfectants, it is important to remember to shock the water on a regular basis. Each time a swimmers leaves a body of water they leave behind organic and inorganic contaminants contained in perspiration such as natural oils, dead skin, detergents from bathing suits, lotions, sunscreens and a wide variety of other undesirable waste. The best way to remove these wastes from the water supply is through a process called oxidation otherwise referred to as shock. It is important to remember that this process as well as most chemistry processes depends on ensuring that ph and sanitation levels are in check.
  • FiltrationA crucial part of maintaining clear water is by keeping the filters clean and allowing water to pass through the filters without being restricted by dirty or clogged filters. The best way to ensure maximum efficiency in water filtration is by regularly cleaning your filters with a jet stream hose nozzle and occasionally through chemically cleaning them, Keeping clean filters will also prolong the life of your filter.
What pool/spa chemical brands do you offer?

Here at we believe that only the best quality products should be used in our backyard oasis, we feel that Biolab offers unparalleled quality and care when manufacturing their products; we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your purchase!

What experience do you have in the industry?

We are a team of pool and spa owners with years of combined experience with pool chemicals and general water maintenance. We have spent countless hours researching the best products and lowest prices; we hope that our research and experience will allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool.